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This blog is a small peek inside our family's first adventure into the world of adoption. We welcome your encouragement & financial support, but most importantly we appreciate your prayer covering as we climb the mountains & wander the valleys of this incredibly crazy, yet exciting journey God is leading our family on. We also ask for your prayer covering over our new children, wherever & whoever they are, that they will sense God's loving presence as He snuggles them for us, & for protection from satan's evil schemes toward each of us. Though we may be on opposite sides of the globe, or just a few miles apart, we trust God has already been preparing all of us for each other as our family grows again. May all the Glory in this journey go to our Heavenly Father, who adopted each of us as His own beloved sons & daughters.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We Found "The Cookie Crumb Girl"

*In case you're just reading this, and realizing this is a new post, I just realized I'd completely forgotten to publish this post when I first wrote it, so I'm leaving it backdated to when I first started writing it so it fits in the blog timeline appropriately.*

Well, we said that if God led us to the actual location and identity of "the cookie crumb girl", we would pursue her as well. We are now in pursuit of both girls! We trusted that God would work every detail out if we were supposed to work toward her adoption in addition to the second girl we've fallen in love with. Well, yesterday I got word that God knew in advance that "Person A" was going to know "Person B" who would know "Person C" who was in Ukra*ne at HER orphanage spending time with their new child as we speak. And God knew that "Person C" would "coincidentally" have been able to interact with her while playing with their new child and had photos of "our girl". I don't know if I can describe the way my heart pounded when I saw those pics and read more about her personality. Interestingly enough, her real name is the Ukra*nian/Russi*n form of one of the names we've previously considered for a future daughter! The journey to get our "cookie crumb girl" has officially begun! Get outta this momma's way!! It's time to bring both of our girls home!

~ Michelle

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  1. Ok, I think I figured this out.... :) I believe I have posted about her on my blog before, right? If you are who I think you are... my Ovalyn's new mama, I would LOVE to hear from you!! :D My email is on my blog and profile. And you don't have to publish this comment if you don't want. :)



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