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This blog is a small peek inside our family's first adventure into the world of adoption. We welcome your encouragement & financial support, but most importantly we appreciate your prayer covering as we climb the mountains & wander the valleys of this incredibly crazy, yet exciting journey God is leading our family on. We also ask for your prayer covering over our new children, wherever & whoever they are, that they will sense God's loving presence as He snuggles them for us, & for protection from satan's evil schemes toward each of us. Though we may be on opposite sides of the globe, or just a few miles apart, we trust God has already been preparing all of us for each other as our family grows again. May all the Glory in this journey go to our Heavenly Father, who adopted each of us as His own beloved sons & daughters.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introducing "Our" Boys' New Parents!!

Okay, we know it's been a few weeks since we last posted. (We pray you'll forgive us for leaving you hanging like that!) There is SOOOO much to share with all of you that has transpired over this last month, it will take a couple of blog posts to tell it all. So we'll start with the first item of news...

Remember how we mentioned that "our" boys have another family coming for them? Well, we recently "stumbled" upon their new family's blog (from a blog we went to after clicking on another blog that we found from clicking on yet another blog, etc) and were very surprised to see that it was another American family who were in the process of becoming the legal parents of the boys we'd fallen in love with. I could not even tell you for sure which series of blogs we clicked on to get there, but I do know God does not operate in "coincidence", so we believe God led us to their blog, for two reasons: 1) to give us the reassurance that He was placing "our" boys with a great family, and 2) for sharing with you the opportunity to help with the fundraising efforts of their new family, in hopes that they will be able to bring THEIR boys home in time for Thanksgiving! (We believe God is a big enough God He can do this small feat with time to spare even!)

So, with their permission, we'd love to introduce to you our new friends, Bobby & Lura, parents to two very handsome little brothers who are soon going home to the exact family God had planned for them from the beginning of time. Please take the time to click over to their blog, read their story, see pictures of the boys, and if so God moves on your heart, please contribute to their fund. They have just a few weeks left to finish raising the final $10-12K they will need to go pick up their boys and bring them home. What a day of Thanksgiving that will be!! We are so excited for them. And we're thankful to God for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of seeing our prayer for these boys fulfilled - the joyful end to their sons' days in those Eastern European orphanages. In a few short weeks (that will surely feel like eternity to Bobby and Lura), their boys will no longer be 2 ORPHANS,  but 2 SONS!! That brings tears to my eyes! And a peace to my heart! I can rest in confidence and trust that God's plan is perfectly perfect!

~ Michelle

(Update: "Mikey" and "Liam" ended up being adopted by an unknown family just days before Bobby & Lura were headed to the boys' country to meet them. Since then, Bobby & Lura have become the madly-in-love adoptive parents of yet a different sibling group. I'll let you read more of their story straight from their blog.)

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  1. Thank you for loving Mikey and Liam! Thank you for sharing our story! I can't wait to have them in our arms! I am hoping for a fabulous Christmas :) I will send you pictures, updates, and give them a huge hug from you! :) Thank you!!!


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